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A little bit about myself and what I do...
Automation, managing networks, making websites and more...

Hi there, I'm Rhys. I am a young but passionate individual in the IT field, currently working at GlaxoSmithKline as an IT MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) Automation Engineer.

I have worked with many inspirational companies to not only help them with their IT needs but to also help them grow and utilize technology in the best way possible.

No job is too big or small. I have created a portfolio website for a local actress, built a network from the ground up for a start-up and I am currently working for the biggest pharmaceuticals company in the world to better automate production lines!

Interested in me or my work? Click here to see some of my work and here to get in touch with me!

  • CDC Factory ActivPlant
  • AspenTech InfoPlus.21
  • Network Systems
  • Website Design


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Harlow, Essex, United Kingdom
(+44) 0203 290 4115