RIN Network Access Policy

This document outlines the acceptable access of the RIN network infrastructure, what is acceptable, what is not and other items such as what we monitor or store and for what reason. By accessing any resources defined as a RIN network resource, you are agreeing to this.


Systems Defined as an RIN Resource

The following systems are part of the RIN Network and are governed by this document. This is not a comprehensive list and is subject to change at any time:

  • Active Directory systems under the rhyshudson.co.uk domain e.g. INTERNAL.RHYSHUDSON.CO.UK
  • Network access systems under the internal network including but not limited to; SSTP VPN, IPSEC, BGP and Microsoft Routing and Remote Access systems.
  • Guest wireless networks such as RIN-WiFi.
  • Group collaboration and communication systems including but not limited to; TeamSpeak (ts.rhyshudson.co.uk)
  • Web Based control systems including but not limited to; cPanel, WHM, OwnCloud, PFSense, Squid, Dansguardian, Sophos UTM.
  • Data storage systems including but not limited to; SMB shares, Windows based file sharing on the INTERNAL network, SharePoint, OneDrive, all Office365 accounts and data tied to rhyshudson.co.uk.
  • Content management systems used by RIN systems.
  • Backup systems run under the RIN Network.


Non-Disclosure of Privileged or System Information

This states that any information that you have access to or can gather from any RIN system must NOT be disclosed to any individual unless authorised by the system manager or the owner of the information in question. This can also include information or conversations which take place on RIN communication platforms. System plans or the architecture in which systems under the RIN system is configured or laid out must also not be disclosed. This includes information such as software used, providers used, security used, and encryption methods or algorithms used.

Account login information should not be disclosed to any individual under any circumstances. If an account is thought to have become compromised on any RIN system please email support@rhyshudson.co.uk immediately with as much information as possible.


Acceptable Use of RIN Resources

All RIN resources and systems are subject to an acceptable use which governs how a specific system is used. For example, a wireless network system must not be used for illegal or unauthorised activity such as, illegal downloading/streaming. Other restrictions may also be placed on certain systems for certain reasons to maintain security, integrity and reliability of systems. Such as, all network traffic which travels through the RIN networks is subject to monitoring and filtering as deemed necessary. Access may also be revoked for a certain user if deemed necessary. Reason for such revocation is not a requirement.


What we Monitor

For the purpose of system security and reliability as well as metric analysis, we collect certain information which occurs on the RIN system and may act upon such information collected. Below is a list of some of the data we may collect and some actions we may carry out based on information we collect. This list does not guarantee that we collect this information but is just an indicator on the type of information we may collect at some stage.

  • Web traffic monitoring and filtering on all network access systems such as Wireless Networks, VPN access, fixed network access and proxy connections.
  • Internet trend monitoring.
  • IP connection logging on all RIN systems.
  • Connection attempts.
  • Network scan attempts.
  • Types of data stored.
  • Connection activity and bandwidth logging.
  • Any other monitoring which is deemed necessary on RIN systems at a given time.


Further Information

For further information on the information what is discussed and any inquiry on the RIN System and security, please contact support@rhyshudson.co.uk.

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